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Where all the Mugen characters and Stages can be downloaded to ur Mugen game


Welcome to World of Mugen, if you are here to download characters, stages, or bonus games then please go to the Mugen Download tab.

Warning!!!!!! (Please read this before continuing onto the site)

Due to many financial issues that I have been receiving for the past 9 months, don't worry non of any financial stuff is involved with World of Mugen. I am sorry to say this but I am downgrading the site to as minimum as possible to where I do not want the site to be freezing up cause of the bandwidth and I hate to see some of the stuff get deleted on it's own because of the web storage. I do appreciate all of you sending me forms about the site and what characters/stages you wanted on here, but sadly enough I haven't been able to get a chance to explore the site to find these characters/stages you've requested. At this moment on the site will stay as it is for a little longer maybe for 3 weeks or so then it will be downgraded, I don't plan on closing down the site for good unless I have no choice. My plans are as followed....

- There will be no any file download links for any characters or stages except there will still be a file link for mugen under Mugen Downloads under Mugen.

- The domain site will be switched back to 

- All the character's page will maybe be organized just like how the stages tab is or I might type in the file name under the character

- The Wish List Tab will be rearranged so that instead of letting me know what characters/stages you want on here, it will be what character/stage do you want from World of Mugen. (I do want you to be serious about this and I would want you to send me an email address so I can be able to send you the file. If the email address is fake, you will not receive the file)

- Some videos may or may not get deleted due to the limits, same with the photos. The videos will still be on youtube if you still want to watch them.

- If somehow the web storage is still full then some characters/stages may get deleted from here but I'm sure I may have a solution for that.

- Might make a list of characters/stages file names in each tab but you will not be able to see what they look like.

That's all of my future plans that I want to do. I am sorry that this site won't be as great as it is now. If you have any information, please feel free to send me an email:

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Dandy, Beavis, Naruto, Sasuke, and Aizen is now added in Page 3.


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No new characters at this time.


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No new games at this time 



4444, SMW Ghosthouse, and Rainbow Road is now added.


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