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Welcome to The Amazing World of Mugen!

The best place you can find all sorts of characters and stages for Mugen. This website was developed so it's easier for all the fans to get what they want, instead of risking to find files through multiple websites that may be harmful. Here, you can find any kind of good news that was updated through the site, along with liking and sharing through social media. If you are a member, you will have the opportunity to chat through the forums. You can talk about anything that has to do with Mugen, general conversations, suggestions, and more. (More words will appear when the time is right)

Not to make everybody feel upset nor get into any trouble, but...
All credits of characters, stages, and other content go to their original owners and creators

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No new characters at this time


Invincible Character:

No new characters at this time.


Bonus Games:

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No new stages at this time

The best part is, World of Mugen is slowly coming back!!!
- Home page will be remodeled
- Better "Previews" of characters
-Facebook page 
- And more!

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