The Amazing World of Mugen

Where all the Mugen characters and Stages can be downloaded to your game

Stages [Note: the BG previews will take a moment to load]. (Sign up for more Good News)

 Stage 1

BG Music: SSBB Princess Peach's Castle (melee)

Stage 3

BG Music: DKC Credits Concerto

Stage 5

BG Music: DKC Bad Boss Boogie

Stage 7

BG Music: DKC2 Ghostly Grove

Stage 9

lon lon

BG Music: LoZ Lon Lon Ranch

Stage 11

BG Music: SMB3 Airship

Stage 13

BG Music: SSBM Battlefield

Stage 15

No BG Music

Stage 17


BG Music: DKC2 Arctic Abyss

Stage 19

BG: Music MK2 The Portal

Stage 21

BG Music: Ros The Shinobi

Stage 23

No BG Music

Stage 25

No BG Music

Stage 27


No BG Music

Stage 29

BG Music: CvS2 Nebuta

Stage 31

CvS2 Arctic

BG Music: CvS2 Happiness

Stage 33

BG Music: SMG Melty Molten Galaxy

Stage 35

Sonic2 (Gamegear).zip

BG Music: StH (gamegear) underground zone

Stage 37


BG Music: FF8 Find your way

Stage 39

BG Music: Dreamfall The Longest Journey - Casablanca

Stage 41


BG Music: K.I. Gold Jago's Theme

Stage 43

No BG Music

Stage 45

BG Music: Smackdown HCTP - BGM 4

Stage 47

BG Music: LoZ Zelda's Theme

Stage 49


BG Music: Unknown

Stage 51


BG Music: Unknown

Stage 53

yoshi's Island

BG Music: DDRMM Jump! Jump! Jump!

Stage 55

BG Music: This is Sparta remix

Stage 57

Family Guy

BG Music: Family Guy Ending song

Stage 59

BG Music: SSBB New Super Mario Bros. Overworld

Stage 61
BG Music: Mario Boss Remix - Mushroom Kingdom Boss
Stage 63
BG Music: Hotel Mario Remix
Stage 65
No BG Music
Stage 67
BG Music: MK64 Moo Moo Farm
 Stage 69
BG Music: SMG Watlz of the Boos

Stage 2

BG Music: SSBB Luigi's Mansion

Stage 4

BG Music: DKC2 Bramble Blast

Stage 6

BG Music: DKC2 Jib Jig

Stage 8

BG Music: Sonic 2 Final Boss

Stage 10

BG Music: SSBB Ground Theme

Stage 12


BG Music: SSBB Final Destination

 Stage 14

BG Music: M&L Bowser's inside story - Final Boss

 Stage 16


 BG Music: SBSP Best Day Ever

Stage 18

Bg Music: SSBB Ground Theme 2

Stage 20

LoZ Temple of

BG Music: Loz Temple of Time

Stage 22

No BG Music

Stage 24

No BG Music

Stage 26

Sky Battle-

No BG Music

Stage 28


No BG Music

Stage 30

BG Music: CvS2 True Spirit

Stage 32

BG Music: TF2 Playing with Danger Remix

Stage 34

Nightmare on Elm Street -

BG Music: Nightmare on Elm Street - First House

Stage 36

BG Music: ToS Forest of the Treant

Stage 38

BG Music: 007 Goldeneye - Dam

Stage 40

Dreamfall -

BG Music: Dreamfall The Longest Journey - St.Petersburg

Stage 42

BG Music: K.I. Gold Spinal's Theme

Stage 44

No BG Music

Stage 46

BG Music: DKC Treetop Rock

Stage 48

BG Music: SSBM Super Mario Bros. 3

Stage 50

BG Music: SMG Buoy Base Galaxy

Stage 52

BG Music: SMG2 Throwback Galaxy

Stage 54

BG Music: Unknown

Stage 56

BG Music: Super Smash Bros. Brawl Main Theme

Stage 58

BG Music: Castlevania LoS - Final Confrontation

Stage 60


BG Music: CvS2 Real Eyes

Stage 62
BG Music: SM64 Bowser's Road
Stage 64
BG Music: SSBB Gritzy Desert
Stage 66
BG Music: LoZ Hyrule Field Main Theme
Stage 68
No BG Music
Stage 70
BG Music: SMK Rainbow Road

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